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FlatPak is a pre-engineered modular home design system. Using concrete, glass, metal or wood modular “menu” components, the FlatPak system allows home builders to create a wide variety of custom layout designs and material configurations – a sort of “hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us…” approach. The Flatpak House was created by Charlie Lazor, a founding partner of Blue Dot furniture.

(*Oh for heaven’s sake if this isn’t the coolest prefab system I’ve ever seen.  I really encourage you to look around the web site and see what you think.  I WILL own one of these homes someday soon.*)

2. Enovo House (the Intelligent home)


From Canada, Enovo homes are ecological and evolutional through their architectural design, the building materials used as well as through the revolutionary home automation system managing their interior.

Enovo, the intelligent home, is without a doubt THE construction of the future available right now. A house that evolves, a house that understands, a house that lives and adapts; a house that suits everyone, all cultures, all horizons, all preferences and all aspirations.

3. Joshua Tree by Hangar Design

This steel clad prefab is a compact two bedroom mountain refuge with a welcoming, and surprisingly roomy, wooden interior. While the exterior finishes might be a bit busy for some tastes, inside are clean, sparse, modern spaces with plenty of natural daylight.

4. ZeroHouse


New York architect Scott Specht has the answer to all of our zero-energy prefab dreams with the new ZeroHouse. This completely self-sustaining prefabricated house generates its own power, collects its own water, processes its own waste and is 100% automatic. Versatile, durable and site-sensitive, ZeroHouse can be erected in almost any location in one day with steel frame components and a helical-anchor foundation system that requires no excavation.

5. iPad


The iPAD is a true kitset bach designed to covers a range of options; it could be a one bedroom holiday home, secondary dwelling, granny flat, office, studio or resort unit to name but a few.  It can be grouped as a series of pavilions to form larger accommodation if required. A single iPAD totals 50m sq with decks of 55m sq and will retail in New Zealand for $125,000.00*. Various external cladding and colour options are available to suit individual taste and context.

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Project Frog – The industry leader of smart buildings

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Project Frog

“It’s like a high-quality IKEA building in a kit, but it’s hurricane strength” says Ann Hand, CEO of Project Frog, a technology-meets-hgih-design startup. The firm creates low-energy prefab buildings that reduce both cost and waste while optimizing performance for the user inside. Hand – who spent 20 years at BP, most recently as SVP of global brand marketing and innovation – says that the VC-backed Frog approaches buildings as tech platforms: a structure composed of “smart” parts that can be optimized depending on size, use, and location. And because all the parts arrive flat-packed and ready for assembly, what once took two years to build can now go up in less than a month. Hand has helped expand the potential for “Frogs” from schools to partks to the health-care industry and retail structures. She is determined to revolutionize the entire $400 billion U.S.-commercial-building market. “I won’t rest,” she says, “until we shake up the industry and attach some guilt to wasteful construction.”

Article from Fast Company. Issue 156, June 2011. p.98
Image from “Project Frog” via Fast Company website.

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4 Beautiful, modern prefabricated homes

1. pieceHomes eP:Studio (link)

pieceHomes are green, modern, modular homes designed by Davis Studio Architecture + Design. Taking advantage of the beauty of the surrounding environment is a hallmark of the designs by Davis Studio Architecture + Design, the husband and wife design team of architect Jonathan Davis and designer Mary Jo Davis. Bringing an appreciation of, and care for, the environment is a key goal of pieceHomes. Their combination live + work residence in the Venice area of Los Angeles was designed in part as a showcase of green technologies and materials and as the pieceHomes prototype, showing clients that green, modern, and affordable can go together.

2. Lindal Cedar Homes (link) – Featured Home: Colorado Retreat

Coming from local independent Lindal dealer Majestic Peaks Custom Homes in Colorado, this nicely-sized home is designed for one floor living. The great room opens to the kitchen and dining area with a 4 bay sunroom capturing light and views. The generous sized master suite is on the main floor, and two more bedrooms, and a full bath and garage are located in the daylight basement. Square foot on the main floor is 1,838, basement is 1,560, and the garage is 278, for a total living space of 3,398.

3. Method Homes (link):  Balance S-M-L series

Now available, the Balance S-M-L series, which consists of a choice of 3 simple structures designed to arrive 95% complete within 2-3 months of purchase. All three series of custom built prefab homes function as full time residencies, vacation homes & cabins, and even self contained prefab studios and in-law cottages.

Smart, efficient and well designed, the series of self-contained modular units highlights Balance’s experience in custom detailing and natural modern aesthetic at prices starting under $100,000.

4. Blu Homes (link) : Evolution series

Blu | Evolution homes are eco-friendly and designed for single-family primary residences, townhomes and development communities. The Evolution is the first Blu model to offer two-story living and features a beautiful roof deck, high ceilings, an open floor plan with a large kitchen, and abundant south-facing windows making it bright and spacious.

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The Advantages Of Steel Homes

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Prefabricated Steel HomeSteel is the homes of millions of choices these days, because they are loaded with benefits. Right lower costs for the quality of the material for technical development and much more is the people’s choice. This is confirmed by the many benefits listed below: Advantages of steel casing: Cost: The continuing increase in wood prices and constant prices of steel have fluctuated in favor of the latter. According to the survey, 90% of forests have been removed and the next round of timber forest is about 20 years to grow and use.

Steel, however, is abundant and fully recyclable at a constant price. Resistant to termites and Recreation: With steel, you can be sure that does not eat termites and holes in the frame. So, now accounts for termite damage maintenance steep or high. Steel does not burn: the conventional wood can burn, but not steel, so that you and your home safe and sound. Furthermore, because it is flammable, but does not cause the smoke, so that your house does not blend into flames. Lightweight but strong: Although lightweight steel, is actually a solid material.

This means that it uses fewer bolts are used and makes it ideal for house framing used. It was found that the most durable, economical and safe materials, and is ideal for housing. No running, reduced or distorted, is inorganic, it is quite stable, not run, reduce or curvature. So, with steel, not meet behind closed doors, locked windows, cornices cracking or leaking roofs caused by the movement of the frame. Compatible with all materials: steel is compatible with all types of wallcoverings and interior materials such as fiber cement, wood, plasterboard and the floor of particle board.

Electrical Safety: All the steel structures should be established independently. And since steel is a very good pilot goes on a power structure which is directed towards the Earth. Environmental security: the steel frames are 100% recyclable. This has the advantage that the steel used several times without losing its strength or intrinsic characteristics. Usually are prefabricated, with lower losses. Good building material: steel is lightweight, easy to transport and concentration.

Also, if you use prefabricated steel frames, could lead to less problems in case of bad weather. You will notice that these frames do not shrink, warp or twist. And if you use pre ‘holes in the wall of steel frames, has the advantage of installing plumbing and electrical services quickly and efficiently. Remodeling easiest way: As non-load bearing walls can be deleted, moved or changed without any problem, the definition of steel can be used for future remodeling.And for the common man, the main advantage is that these frameworks can be created from two or three people in one day.

Frames, furniture and appliances and other items hanging can be created fairly easily using normal drills and fasteners available at any hardware store.

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